Dr. Sreeram Chaulia on the Legacy of Hugo Chavez

Chavez as a gale force who swept sleepy and feudal Venezuela; Chavez as a champion of anti-hegemonic alliances at the international level; Chavez as Fidel Castro’s successor; Nicolas Maduro and the challenges of keeping the revolution going; Chavez as a 21st century Simon Bolivar; Chavez as an intellectual and his love of books by Noam Chomsky and Eduardo Galleano; Chavez as an icon of the global Left; Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC); Chavez as a combiner of socialism and democratic methods, including elections; looking beyond the cult of personality in Latin America; Chavez as an inspiration in the Global South for economic sovereignty over one’s own natural wealth; Chavez as an antidote to Francis Fukuyama’s thesis of the “end of history” and the triumph of liberal democracy and capitalism; Chavez as a teacher and raiser of political consciousness of the masses in Latin America.



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